Top 12 American Swimwear Brands [Update 2024]

American swimwear brands

Different people have different ideas about what constitutes the ideal swimming suit. Some people care most about how the clothes and straps fit.

For others, it’s all about the vivid, eye-catching hues and sartorial touches. No matter what your priorities are, the best American swimwear brands will make you happy inside.

The greatest swimsuit companies on the market currently make it simple by focusing on designs that fulfill your demands. Keeping this in mind, these are the best American swimwear brands.

1. Summersalt

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Summersalt is one of the best American swimwear brands

Summersalt is the place to go, whether you want sporty or flowery bikinis. The company offers plus-size options, suits for long torsos, and attractive designs for different body types. Florals, ruffles, solids, and subtle patterns from Summersalt are perfect for whatever your summer plans include.

2. Jade Swim

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Jade Swim is known for its simple shapes seasoned with trendy and creative touches. Classic one-pieces with backbone diagonal cutouts, barely-there triangle tops with elevated bottoms, plus strapless numbers with ruched trimming and metallic finishes by this American swimwear brand are all popular.

Everything from this ecological swim label is upscale but not excessively fashionable, achieving the right balance for swanky pool parties or landing the shot on your first beach vacation.

3. Everlane

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In my opinion, no wardrobe is finished without a few Everlane-enhanced staples. The San Francisco-based label is known for high-quality materials and artistry at a reasonable price. It recently debuted its first swim collection just in time for the summer. Also, the Everlane swim line was put to the test by five Glamour staffers, and I wasn’t disappointed.

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4. Madewell

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Did you think Madewell was just about warm sweaters and great jeans? A glance at the brand’s swim department will prove you wrong. It has lots of excellent essentials and innovative shapes like square necklines and one-shoulder shirts, board-shorts-and-bikini-top combos, funky designs like ditsy flowers, and abstract geometry – all at the affordable price range I’ve come to expect.

5. Mara Hoffman

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Greenwashing is real, and the fashion sector is renowned for deceptive sustainability claims. Despite the haziness around sustainability in the fashion industry, Mara Hoffman is indeed the real deal – the trailblazing designer isn’t new to it; she lives it. She also genuinely provides swimwear, from minimalist to risqué, or breezy but elevated ready-to-wear.

6. Aerie

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Aerie is arguably best known for its soft underwear, but have you checked out its swim section? There are so many great alternatives for every summer style and flattering styles for every body shape. Also, Aerie provides a budget-friendly choice for everyone, whether you want to try out unusual patterns, expose some flesh, or keep your body covered.

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7. Eloquii

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Eloquii’s swimwear is so excellent that you’ll want to wear it whether you’re near water. The plus-size store did not come to play this season, with designs ranging from stylish cutouts to high-fashion silhouettes – and you’ll have a hard time choosing just one of the swimwear from their collection.

8. Louisa Ballou

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The iconic Louisa Ballou brand is a real treat for beach goers, with motifs created by the waves seen in Charleston, South Carolina, where Louisa was born and raised. Choose from dresses made of mesh that are excellent for combining or exciting one-piece outfits.

9. Andrie

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There’s nothing quite like getting a stunning-looking bikini online only to discover that it fits you incorrectly when you try it on. Fortunately, Andie Swim developed a Fit Finder questionnaire (based on data from millions of women’s wear tests) to guarantee that your suit is tailored to your unique tastes, so you won’t be disappointed when your suit arrives.

10. Cover Swim

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Cover Swim has patterns that are suitable for many kinds of water sports, so whether you plan on going surfing or playing water polo, you should keep those styles in mind. The brand employs environmentally friendly materials and textiles that are resistant to UV rays in its creations.

11. Solid & Striped

Solid & Striped may officially be 10 years old, but the brand keeps its designs as fresh as ever. While you can still find plenty of classic bikinis and belted maillots that will never go out of style, Solid & Striped has a surprisingly trendy lineup this summer—from boho-esque tops to retro cutouts and graphic prints.

12. Onia

If you’re looking for clean lines, textured fabric, and elevated designs that are basic in the best way, shop Onia. These suits are well-made and timeless, so they’ll undoubtedly get plenty of use from season to season.

Summer has arrived, so you’ll certainly need new swimwear in the next few weeks. Make sure to check out the swimwear brands that routinely get high grades in quality and style on this list.

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