Top 10 Antique Stores in Florida [Update 2024]


The excitement of antiquing comes from the anticipation of discovering hidden treasures. It is nowhere more obvious than in Florida.

For those who like the oldies, these below antique stores in Florida are a must-see, whether you’re seeking reconditioned items to personalize your home or maybe something unusual and one-of-a-kind.

Here are the best antique stores in Florida.

1. Trader Mae’s, Apopka

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Trader Mae’s in Apopka is one of the best antique stores in Florida

Trader Mae’s is the most popular antique store in Florida. It is also a large antique shop in this state. You’ll discover some of the most flexible antiques here at an accessible price, thanks to over 100 one-of-a-kind stores and booths.

There is certainly something for everyone here, from industrial sculptures to old antiques. For those wishing to freshen up, they’re its front and back gardens; this antique store has its own garden store.

2. Washburn Imports, Orlando and Sanford

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John Washburn, the store’s creator, has been traversing the world since 1997 in search of the items you’ll find in the Washburn Imports showroom. This antique business, located in Orlando and Sanford, has unique items.

Their sales team is extremely knowledgeable about each piece and willing to share their expertise of our wide collection in a warm and welcoming showroom setting. They provide a large selection of things that have been hand-selected for quality, artistry, and style.

3. Antiques and Uniques, Palm Harbor

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Antiques and Uniques, Palm Harbor, FL

Antiques & Uniques has a large selection of home décor, furniture, and industrial debris, among other things. They’re recognized for their low pricing and unique items that can’t be found anyplace else!

It is located in Palm Harbor in Florida state. If you’re interested in purchasing this, it’s the best for that.

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4. Adjectives Market, Winter Park

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With their creative gifts, rustic antiques, and trendy accessories, all four Adjectives Market places will “wow” you. With over 50,000 square feet of space across all of their sites, it’s easy to lose track of time admiring some of the greatest antique stores in Florida.

If you need these products, you can choose the Adjectives market cause they have a large collection on a large floor.

5. Webb’s Antique Mall, Lake City

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Webb’s Antique Mall, Lake City, FL

Webb’s is a must-visit if you’re seeking antiques in the Lake City region since they add new pieces to their collection regularly. This hidden gem may contain collectibles, vintage artifacts, and other unique goods. It’s another popular antique shop in Florida at Lake City.

6. Stone Age Antiques, Miami

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Looking to incorporate some nautical flavor to your inland property or spice up your beach house? In Miami, look for Stone Age Antiques, AHOY! They’re antiques from the Stone Age!! For 50 years, we’ve been in Miami, on the Miami River!

They’re a crammed warehouse with over 10,000 square feet of merchandise antique store in Florida! They specialize in anything maritime, from Spanish warship guns to sea sponges. Many filmmakers have been known to visit here to rent or purchase interesting items!

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7. Micanopy outpost, Micanopy

Micanopy Outpost is an antique store in Florida wishes come true. There is a large assortment of furniture, books, ceramics, collectibles, and other things that can be found there. Magnificent Tiffany lamps, for example, and nice wooden tables, flowers, vinyl, and more may be found!

8. Antiques On Oak, Arcadia

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You’ll discover 20 different antique stores as well as eateries to visit in Arcadia’s downtown historic area! Every fourth Saturday of the month, they conduct an antique fair that attracts residents and visitors.

They have a lot of store stuff and are very friendly with their customers. This store is mostly suggested for shopping for these types of products.

9. The Mill, Altamonte Springs

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Stop visit The Mill in Central Florida if you’re seeking real things. They have rustic, semi, and industrial antiques. You may even create unique pieces, both small and large, with the aid of their advisory staff.

Their special collection types increase their popularity, and it will be a popular antique store in Florida.

10. Dakota Mercantile, Micanopy

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Dakota Mercantile is ideal if you’re looking for a business that combines old and modern things. It’s without a doubt one of the prettiest stores you’ll come across.

Shop for home décor, handmade soaps, toiletries, linens, ribbons, stationery, and more. Make sure to see the shop’s “hidden garden” at the back! It’s chock-full of hidden gems you won’t want to miss.

If you plan your schedule wisely, you can complete the whole tour of visiting them in a week; but, if you’re an artifact collector, you can finish seeing them in three days if you’re focused.

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