12 Best Farmers Markets in Iowa [Update 2024]

farmers markets in Iowa

When it comes to farmer markets in Iowa, this state’s communities come together and celebrate their local farmers, businesses and artists through these markets.

From fresh high quality produce to homemade baked goods, the farmer markets are truly part of a lively and wholesome experience. Local vendors, live music and friendly faces are the highlights of the markets.

For your next shopping experience, check out the best farmers markets in Iowa.

1. Downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market

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Downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market is one of the best farmers markets in Iowa

Located in Des Moines, Iowa, Downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market is well known not only as one of the top farmers markets but also as one of the most plentiful markets in the state. With loads of the freshest produce and plenty of options, this market is open throughout the summer. Besides the plethora of fresh produce, there are also live music performances that’s enjoyed by the visitors.

2. Dubuque Farmers’ Market

Right in Dubuque, you will find Dubuque Farmers’ Market nestled next to the Mississippi River. Dating back to 1858, it is the oldest farmers market in the state.

For over 170 years, people of the community come together to purchase their necessities in this market, so the legacy goes on. Bridging the gap between residential Iowa and rural Iowa, this market is open on Saturdays from May to October.

3. Clear Lake Farmers Market

Clear Lake Farmers Market is one of the youngest additions to farmers markets in Iowa, but it certainly gained its place in the list. Started in 2015, the convenient location of this market attracts most of the visitors.

Next to the legendary Surf Ballroom in the venue, you will find perennials, fresh excellent produce and baked goods. To explore the Clear Lake community, this market is the ideal spot.

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4. Iowa City Farmers’ Market

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Iowa City Farmers' Market

Grab your shopping bag or basket and head to Iowa City Farmers Market to fill your pantry. Loaded with locally grown crops, handcrafted and homegrown products, this market offers you an excellent shopping experience.

From May through October, this market is open on Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights. Vendors also serve sweet treats along with spicy Mexican dishes for you to grab a bite.

5. Cedar Rapids Farmers Market

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Cedar Rapids Farmers Market

Located in Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids Farmers Market sits for twice a month during summer. It is one of the largest farmers markets in the Midwest where over 200 vendors and almost 14000 visitors visit to grab the best produce and products. Additional highlights of the market are live musical performances, live cooking demonstrations and a wide variety of children’s activities.

6. Decorah Farmers Market

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Who doesn’t enjoy fresh eggs or homemade sourdough or even handcrafted pottery? Decorah Farmers Market features it all to offer you a one of a kind shopping experience. Not only are the products and produce of high quality, they are also affordable. With a huge parking area and Oneota Food Co-op within the vicinity of the market, you can enjoy shopping stress-free.

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7. Sioux City Farmers Market

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Featuring locally produced food and ingredients and a wide array of handcrafted objects, Sioux City Farmers Market is a great option to shop at. Located in a prime community gathering spot in Western Iowa, this market is set from May through October. Vendors and patrons of the market offer the best deals on Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights.

8. Grinnell Farmers Market

Grinnell Farmers Market offers an incredible and valuable shopping experience. Be it grocery shopping for your home or homemade food items for your meals, you can find it all in this market. The bright and friendly community of the market fills the streets with friendly interactions and lively shopping time. Every Saturday morning and Thursday evening, the market is open for all.

9. Freight House Farmers’ Market

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Freight House Farmers’ Market features great produce along with stunning Iowa views. Located in the Mississippi Valley, you can enjoy your monthly shopping while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Mississippi Riverfront in Davenport.

From crafts to treats, you can find it all besides the fresh produce. The market also sells healthy meat and eggs. Held on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, this market is open from May to October.

10. Downtown Cedar Falls Farmers Market

If you are a resident of Cedar Falls, then Downtown Cedar Falls Farmers Market is your go-to place for a trustworthy and reliable shopping space. Along with the freshest produce, you can find a variety of homemade products and baked goods to purchase. Not only does this market offer goods at an affordable price, it also guarantees a fun time while shopping with its live performances alongside.

11. Orange City Farmers’ Market

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Orange City Farmers’ Market is popularly known as Central Market. During summer, this market features a range of fruits, vegetables and fresh crops. To experience the lively downtown community, you can visit this market. With great snack options at the food trucks, vendors also sell baked goods, herbs, jams, essential olds, sewn items and chemical-free cleaning products.

12. North Grand Farmers Market

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At Ames, North Grand Farmers Market is one of the most visited markets. Located near the store of JC Penney, this market features a variety of freshly grown local produce and products. Throughout April, this market is open. As it is near the mall, once you finish your grocery shopping, you can easily head to the mall for some relaxed shopping time.

At the listed farmer markets in Iowa, you will find the freshest produce, delicious homemade food, lively music and guaranteed quality products. These markets are a slide of life, and you can truly connect with the community through visiting and shopping here.

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